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Saturday, October 17, 2015


Okay so it has come to my attention that people know me.... but they don't follow my blog, etc. I need to know if you're still following my blog or else I won't bring it back and I'll just shut it down. So if you could help me out here and just tell me?

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

New Design Etc.

Heyo First off-
I redesigned the blog, Changed the title to fit what it will be about, and I see this is like 4chan now... my blog is radioactive,Dead battlefield... If you could come back please, reccomend me, I will be updating daily seeing that I get atleast 5 comments, I will be drawing etc, Please and thank you my old jammers, thank you all, and merry Christmas/Hanukah/Kuanza idk how to spell holiday names .-.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Monthly video

Okay, listen up, I need thoughts for a video.
should I do a
Dance video ( been learning a vocaloid dance)
A Drawing instruction video
or An upload to soundcloud?
Leave it in the comments :D

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Back in black :D

Heya guys I know I've been gone for over a year. it because this thing called school yeah I know. so horrible but at least I have one thing to say. I will be continuing the blog but with less aj and more anime and cosplay related things. maybe some aj things so if you want to continue following me go ahead and I will lead away!'
- sincerely -
Tigertaco2011/ Sunta.

my cosplay and a selfie for you all :)

Friday, April 26, 2013

Random fridays

OoOoOokie Dokie! I made's me a nice big post chart! Ok heres what'll happen:
Monday- daily item, new youtube video up, whats up in my life
Tuesday- daily item, Gaming video
Wednesday- daily item, random, gaming video
Thursday- daily item, News of whats happening In my world XD
Friday- daily item, new youtube video, whats up in my life or random post ( depends on if I shoot a video and If im up to anything.)
saturday- My lazy day no posts
sunday- Lazy day no posts
Thats about that for that so now onto todays post for friday......
Random post!
K im leaving soon so speed type mode ok answer these in the questions
How is school going?
do you have tons of homework?
have you gotten shoved in a locker yet?
do you get good or bad grades?
got any best friends?
whats your favorite online game?
Bye :D

Monday, April 22, 2013

Kage the draco wolf

Hey guys I have a new story ( Its a page on the blog) It's called the story of the draco wolfs I want you guys to read the first two chapter for now and then tell me how it is! I will most likely write more after this so read it all once it's finished thanks!

~~~~ this has been breaking news from kage~~~~~

Friday, April 19, 2013

continued rant....

espee- bestestest friend ever!
rose- good friend
rachel- ex-friend
Ok anyways as I was saying before I left this morning I got into a fight with my friend recently and she does this "your mom" response thing which I think is rude towards people without moms so I got mad and just today I was talking to my extremly best friend (not the one who says your mom) espeon ( is our blog) anyways I said " guess what happend I bumped into-" I was cut off by My supposed other friend when she said "your mom" rude sadly but then she said something that literally can never be forgiven nor ever be forgotten I still hear the lingering words of " Not so good when someone steals your spotlight huh?!" OK I broke that down into " Hey back off I don't like you cause you said something I didn't like yesterday so I am going to be rude to you and  verbally beat you up" I apoligized about 20 times to her today for what I said yesterday which is none of your guys' buisness ( sorry if it sounds harsh It is true D:) anways but theres another thing she said To my other best friend Imma call her rose ( no it is not her real name) anyways I will call my mean I guess ex-friend rachel anyways rose nicely asked rachel why rachel hated me rachel replied " If you don't stop talking to me im going to report you to the principal for harrassment" Now my little children whom are reading this, harassment has nothing to do with talking. its like me going up to someone and saying "why do you hate ketchup" and them saying " Holy biscuts Don't ask me my favorite and not favorite things Im gonna go tell the dentists!" makes no sense right? exactly cause the other real situation doesn't make sense either I could tell other people about this which I have told an adult so yeah, but rachel ( still made up names not real ones even though it sounds real XD) still is going at it to make me miserable and espee if your reading this, Im not telling her off or anything im just explaining to people about this situation  pretty much. I am basically a straight A student guys I only got two B's on my report card Now you can see why people want to go and try to ruin my feeling temple ( thats what I call my nerves that control emotion in my brain :D) so guys remember some of this and don't ruin friendships OR bully bullying is horrible so don't and THINK before you speak,text or post cause T-is it true? H- is it helpful I- is it inspiring N-is it nessecary K- is it kind remember THINK